Saturday, December 1, 2012

MegaArmor Warboss: Ton'ee Stork the Iron Git

     Blame the Iron Man 3 trailer and Ozzy for making me paint up my converted Warboss in Iron Man colors. I have an idea of having Ton'ee Stork a.k.a. "Iron Git" leading a group of Avengers style ork Nobs. Maybe my Bad Moons raided a comic book shop planet? Worst planet ever....

     Sorry for the drop in picture quality, but it is easier to snap a pic with my new phone while drinking the morning coffee.

Look at my assembly line of Ork boyz in the background...Round 2 of yellow spray, green wash shoota boyz.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Marbork: They Drew First WAAAAGH!

Being a fan of Reserves, Odd deplolyment, and Stallone made converting an orky Marbo irresistable. Here is my shot at the 'roided-out fungus.

He has unique wargear, so I tried to represent it in the mini to help me remember (Ripper pistol, poisoned blade, and demo charge).

I had fun with greenstuffing the hair and headband. I had to use all of my experience with Ninja Turtles for inspiration. I also used some greentuff to create a muzzle flair on the end of the pistol as an experiment.

Marbo Recipe
++ Fantasy Orc Warboss head
++ Loota/Burna Mek torso
++ Fantasy Orc Boy hand weapon arm
++ Ork Nob pistol arm
++ Demo charge is from a Killa Kan's skorcha

I am now working on my Team Fortress Ork kommando squad. Here is the spy with Breaking Bad in the background.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Master of the Forge on Bike: Converting Conversion Beamer

     I have always dreamed off an army of Dreadnoughts. I chose to follow my dreams and kitbashed up a quick Master of the Forge on a bike. An important note is that the techmarine forfeits his servo-harness for the Conversion Beamer, thus the lack of tentacle goodness.

     Here is the Bits Breakdown
++ Techmarine shoulder pads and heads from the Space Marine vehicle sprue.
++ An auspex from the Space Marine Tactical squad accessory sprue.
++ A Lascannon from the Imperial Guard heavy weapons box.
++ The front end of a random Necron gun from the Desolation Barge.
++ The back end of said Necron gun glued to the side of the Beamer.
++  The radar dish from the Space Marine vehicle spure glued to the butt of the Beamer.

I am going to paint his armor up red and let him stalk the edges of the game table since his gun is beefed up to S10 AP1 blast if the Master of the Forge is far enough away. The bike makes him relentless, so he can move and fire his heavy weapon. I have fears of him running by himself, but a bike squad would be wasted on him since the bikers will want to get within 24 inches. Decisions, decisions.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scratch-built Mega Armor Warboss: Tony Danza Extravaganza

     It was time to get a real Warboss to lead my ork mobs. 6th gives lots of reasons to go with Mega Armor and it isn't much more expensive than just giving the boss a power klaw. The only official Mega Armor model is Ghazkull and I didn't want him, so it was time to convert up my own. I was inspired first by his sneaker-looking Killa Kan legs.

     He isn't much bigger than the Black Reach warboss, either. I've been saving that head to make a boss for months now. I fully admit to humming "Iron Man" while making the boss.

Boss Recipe
++ Killa Kan legs and feet w/ Killa Kan knee pads
++ Torso base - Trukk Engine w/ a boy shoulder pad on the lower torso and Kan pad on upper
++ Arm is the grabbing klaw from the battlewagon kit
++ Shooty arm is a Killa Kan arm with a biker gun and Kan big shoota
++ Head is from the Black Ork standard and 2 armor plates from Killa kan skorchas
++ The exhausts come from Killa Kans and a trukk

Here is my new Boom Wagon, which a friend dubbed the "Cookie Monsta."

   Also, I am punishing myself with another 30 mob of boyz. Second verse, same as first.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

epic Caine: The Joy of 5 O'clock Shadow

     Pro-Tip for Facial Stubble: Mix in your flesh tone into the grey to make the transition less jarring.  Epic Caine from Warmachine may be one of my favorite models. Of course, I do love me some John Woo Gunkata. Let'see the before pic because I can't tell if the zenith highlighting did anything....


     It must be one of those situations where if you believe it, it works?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gorken Morkann, Rambork, and Khal Drogork: Ork Update

     I finally mustered up the courage to paint up my baby, Gorken Morkann. Painting ork armor is fun because if you make a mistake with the brush. Meh.

I tried to stay true to the source material.

Drill, drill, drill!

The new leader of my WHFB Waaaagh, Khal Drogork.

Finally, Marbork for my Imperial Guard Allies.

Oh yeah, I painted up this Space Shark Dreadnought to kill lots of MEQ infantry, which is lousy all over the shop.

Also, look at all of these boys....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Space Shark Terminator Chaplain - Holy Diver

     I am growing bored of the Terminator TH/SS parade that is my current count-as Deathwing Space Sharks list. Thus, I am trying to branch out the force. With my Librarian, I am always shooting for re-roll to hit, so why not run a Chaplain?!

     I haven't been super impressed with the Libby anyway. I am also hoping that Chaplains and Plasma gets better with the new Dark Angels Codex due soonish (Hopefully). I also converted my bikes into squads of 5 with 2 plasma, plus multi-melta attack bike. In my experience, the attack bike is the melta workhorse, so why not use the plasma's extra range to shoot-and-scoot away from things for the normal bikers?

     I am also tempted to try out a dual Land Raider list to spice things up. My gut tells me that is too many points spent on non-scoring elements of an army sub-2000, but the Raiders aren't so desireable as Battlewagons either for 2 reasons.
     1) You can take Cover saves off the Deff Rolla.
     2) You can't assault after Tank-Shocking.

Epic Caine has been lonely on my desk, so I tried priming white and black to see if I get a lighting effect. He came out a tad fuzzy, but nothing beyond fixing.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School, Back to Waaaagh: Kanz and Dreadz

     Here is the first painted of my 2 Mega Deff Dreads. Again, if you are new, it is literally a Deff Dread standing on top of 2 Killa Kan bodies with a Killa Kan body head. The head gob is from a Deff Dread kit. It is a super easy conversion since people sell the Kan bodies cheap on eBay since they are viewed as chaff bits since every body wants the weapons instead.

     Rokkits may not be the smartest option, but it came to me modeled like that from a friend. Big Shootas have been treating me well, and help immensely in the Dark Eldar match-up. I painted this big guy with a primer of Krylon Aluminum. Then, I gave it 2 coats of brown wash. I then ripped up a sponge from a model blister and sponged on Vallejo Orange Rust. Next, I laid down all of the detail colors. The base is pumice with Chocolate Brown with a dry brushing of Burnt Umber.

     I love Kanz as walkers are my favorite. I modeled them to be extra stompy.

Here is my first test ork. I primed the whole thing yellow. The skin is only 2 coats of green wash with 1 coat of brown wash. I like the effect for the little time put in. I am now factory painting 29 of the buggers.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Space Sharks (Deathwing) 1000 pt for 6th Edition

     The FLGS had its first 6th edition even for 1000 pts. I decided to let the Space Sharks swim since they are my only fully painted army. We had 16 players show up and we had 3 rounds of play to allow us to grow used to the changes.


  • Beliel - Master of the Deathwing
    Twin Lightning Claws
  • Librarian
    • Terminator Armour
      Storm Bolter


  • Deathwing Command Squad (Troops)
    Deathwing Apothocary, 4x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
    • Sergeant
      Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
  • Deathwing Terminator Squad (Troops)
    Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Bolter and Chainfist, 3x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
    • Sergeant
      Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
  • Deathwing Terminator Squad (Troops)
    Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Bolter and Chainfist, 3x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
    • Sergeant
      Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

1000 points on the dot. I could substitute the Librarian for a squad of 3 bikes with 2 melta, but I am happy that I stuck with the Libby. Prescience rerolls are no joke.

Round 1 - Dark Eldar - 3 Objectives - Crushing Loss
Round 2 - Jumper Blood Angels - 2 Objectives - Crushing Victory
Round 3 - 2 Tervigon, Trygon Nids - Killpoints Hammer and Anvil - Crushing Victory

- The Librarian with the Divination signature spell was more useful than originally thought. Re-rolling Thunder hammers can be huge on the Command squad.
- Hammer and Anvil allowed me to kill a Trygon with Cyclone shots before it could get into combat. Again, rerolls from Divination's Prescience helped immensely.
- My opponents being great and fun
- Mysterious Objectives aren't game breaking at all. The Exploding one was rolled twice and didn't kill a single model in either my or my opponents armies.
- Getting Best Overall! Very unexpected after being crushed Game 1.

- Round 1 - my command squad deepstriked and scattered 9 inches into a unit of Pathfinders. I rolled a "1" on the Deepstrike Mishap table. Fuuuuuuuu.........Bye-Bye 515 points before the game even begins. By the graces of Odin, I wasn't tabled as I had one Terminator on the field, Captain Ahab the Sargent.

In the end, I won Best Overall and got to take home a sweet medal. Many players loved the Space Sharks and they won Best Painted as well, but one player cannot win multiple categories. The love needs to be shared around. My medal is the gold. My partner-in-crime got Sportsmanship and $20.

The final standings. It's me at the top. Tyler Watts. Gigawatts. Easy right?

I didn't get battle pictures, so here are glamor shots of the sharks.

The butt-kicking Command Squad minus Librarian Dhalsim.

Apothecary bit from Fabius Bile.

Here is the famous Captain Ahab, who has solely survived Tyranids and Dark Eldar now.


Squad markings allow me to tell which unit is which with minimal distraction to the base rim.
No army is complete without custom objective markers. A simple finishing touch.

Next tournament is 1500 in a month, so I need to decide to bring more Space Sharks, Kan Wall orks, or Shooty Tyranids. The choices.....

Class Dismissed.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Orky Stompy Goodness + Krylon Aluminum

Send in the kanz..........

     Metallic hobby paint is annoying to basecoat. Thus, I want to try a spray primer. Krylon has done me right in the past. I went with the matte because the satin tends to resist additional paint layers. It's doable, but more time consuming.

I am going to repaint the vehicles here since I didn't paint them. Also, I plan to wash the vehicles in a brown wash to ork them up. The spray paint is nice in that it doesn't take much to cover. Also, it dries faster than other colors, such as black. I suggest shorter bursts and holder the can closer than 6 inches, like with more basic colors.

I kitbashed another Super Deff Dread since another local player was so kind to gift me with a dread and kanz boxes. I wanted a more serious, deadly looking one for this stomper. I took inspiration from my Avatar, Guts-Man from MegaMan.

I hope that ork walkers are still good in 6th edition, but hull points seem to weaken the stompy list. No matter what I will play it since walkers are my favorite units in 40K.