Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School, Back to Waaaagh: Kanz and Dreadz

     Here is the first painted of my 2 Mega Deff Dreads. Again, if you are new, it is literally a Deff Dread standing on top of 2 Killa Kan bodies with a Killa Kan body head. The head gob is from a Deff Dread kit. It is a super easy conversion since people sell the Kan bodies cheap on eBay since they are viewed as chaff bits since every body wants the weapons instead.

     Rokkits may not be the smartest option, but it came to me modeled like that from a friend. Big Shootas have been treating me well, and help immensely in the Dark Eldar match-up. I painted this big guy with a primer of Krylon Aluminum. Then, I gave it 2 coats of brown wash. I then ripped up a sponge from a model blister and sponged on Vallejo Orange Rust. Next, I laid down all of the detail colors. The base is pumice with Chocolate Brown with a dry brushing of Burnt Umber.

     I love Kanz as walkers are my favorite. I modeled them to be extra stompy.

Here is my first test ork. I primed the whole thing yellow. The skin is only 2 coats of green wash with 1 coat of brown wash. I like the effect for the little time put in. I am now factory painting 29 of the buggers.

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