Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Master of the Forge on Bike: Converting Conversion Beamer

     I have always dreamed off an army of Dreadnoughts. I chose to follow my dreams and kitbashed up a quick Master of the Forge on a bike. An important note is that the techmarine forfeits his servo-harness for the Conversion Beamer, thus the lack of tentacle goodness.

     Here is the Bits Breakdown
++ Techmarine shoulder pads and heads from the Space Marine vehicle sprue.
++ An auspex from the Space Marine Tactical squad accessory sprue.
++ A Lascannon from the Imperial Guard heavy weapons box.
++ The front end of a random Necron gun from the Desolation Barge.
++ The back end of said Necron gun glued to the side of the Beamer.
++  The radar dish from the Space Marine vehicle spure glued to the butt of the Beamer.

I am going to paint his armor up red and let him stalk the edges of the game table since his gun is beefed up to S10 AP1 blast if the Master of the Forge is far enough away. The bike makes him relentless, so he can move and fire his heavy weapon. I have fears of him running by himself, but a bike squad would be wasted on him since the bikers will want to get within 24 inches. Decisions, decisions.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scratch-built Mega Armor Warboss: Tony Danza Extravaganza

     It was time to get a real Warboss to lead my ork mobs. 6th gives lots of reasons to go with Mega Armor and it isn't much more expensive than just giving the boss a power klaw. The only official Mega Armor model is Ghazkull and I didn't want him, so it was time to convert up my own. I was inspired first by his sneaker-looking Killa Kan legs.

     He isn't much bigger than the Black Reach warboss, either. I've been saving that head to make a boss for months now. I fully admit to humming "Iron Man" while making the boss.

Boss Recipe
++ Killa Kan legs and feet w/ Killa Kan knee pads
++ Torso base - Trukk Engine w/ a boy shoulder pad on the lower torso and Kan pad on upper
++ Arm is the grabbing klaw from the battlewagon kit
++ Shooty arm is a Killa Kan arm with a biker gun and Kan big shoota
++ Head is from the Black Ork standard and 2 armor plates from Killa kan skorchas
++ The exhausts come from Killa Kans and a trukk

Here is my new Boom Wagon, which a friend dubbed the "Cookie Monsta."

   Also, I am punishing myself with another 30 mob of boyz. Second verse, same as first.