Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Captain Insano's Boogeymen - A Necromunda Team on Display

   This is my "Van Saar" team, Captain Insano's Boogeymen. The fluff is that they dress like monsters and utilize chemical grenades to strike fear in their enemies similar to Batman's Scarecrow. 

    I briefly entered a Nercromunda team last year. I didn't get to play it enough due to time constraints and the game being amazingly brutal. I was getting mad trying to update my models as they earned new gear/died, and I did not want to proxy. My favorite part of the game was playing with that tons of terrain. It created interesting scenarios that don't happen in larger scale wargames. Plus, the rules are free on GW's website.

     Here is Captain Insano himself leading his motley crew. They are made from Wargames Factory Shock Troopers, which is a sweet deal for 18 models plus bits for $19! My only complaint is their hands are pretty tiny compared to other model ranges.     

 Chuck rocking an ork big shoota for a stubb gun.
 My favorite head from the set. The Zoidberg head!

Alas, poor juve. We hardly knew ye...

 Far East meets Outer Space. Mars Attack Ninjas?

 These models come with some fairly cool shotguns that would do well as conversions for other systems. These models also could be used with head swaps if you need greatcoats.

Next post, I will put up some battle-shots of these guys in action.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tyranid FAQ: Shadow in the Warp Affects Vehicles.

      This ruling is a big reason that I quit playing with my Tyranids. SitW not hitting someone in a vehicle, while psykers can fire out of fire ports really ground my gears. I have to give it to GW. I like Necrons, I like that they updated most of the books in one swing. Things are looking up for 40k in my opinion.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Space Sharks Terminators: Gettin' Jawesome

     I like to imagine the Space Sharks as a fleet based chapter out on the edges of universe kicking Xenos bootay. They take the fight to the enemies of the Emperor. I also wanted them to look feral or tribal, with a Polynesian influence. Thus, I got the idea from StillFrosty at White Scars Blog to incorporate Ork bits on them. I also have to give props to Sons of Taurus for motivating me to finish this army and giving me the cheeky name, The Sharkfin a.k.a. Deathwing.
      The red head stripe really makes the model *pop*. Before they just looked like a grey/black unpainted blob. I got the stripe idea from the Rogue Trader paint scheme. Plus, my wife approved of it while watching Dexter. The serial killer, not the boy genius.

     Personally, I love the chubby Space Shark chapter badge and I am half-way tempted to use it over the Carcharodon one.
    Notice the bayonet that I placed on the end of the stormbolter. I wish that I had the cool FW chainsaw ones, but the ork bit is suitable.

     Tyberos model gave me the idea that there should be chainblades all over the army. Iron Chef Ingredient: CHAINSAWS! I imagine that the Sharks could use them for boarding actions onto Space Hulks and such. Plus, the image that they paint in my head is gruesome and brutal, very shark-esque.

     I like the pose on this chap.

      I cut Ork Choppas (the ones not attached to hands) in order to make "fins" to place on some of their backs. The Hammer is from Maxmini. Early on while collecting this army, I was looking for cheaper TH/SS, so I picked a set of those up for the Command Squad.

      I HATED painting white on the Apothecary. His needle is from a friend that had an extra Fabius Bile bit. The syringe is full of magical FNP sauce, which is obvious green. Duh.

     A W.I.P. Shark Sargent, I am using a Ogre gut plate as a "jaw shield" to work in more Shark iconography. The hammer head is a dwarf bit that I chopped up a bit that happened to look shark-ey.

     Tyberos had to get his head stripe to fit in with the rest of the squad. I am enjoying trying little bits of freehand to learn new skills. The army revamp is driven by my need for people to see that I am playing Space Sharks. Many people thought I was playing Space Wolves due to the blog of grey. Unacceptable, as goofy as they are, the fins and other gubbins will make it much easier to identify my Chapter. It was either this or splash blood effects on everybody.
     I love this army MUCH more now and I took up the mantra that I am making this army for me, not others, so I need to have fun with them. This is looking to be my first finished 40k army.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Panda-monium: WoC Spell Marker

     I always feel like a jerk when I have to remind people that Pandemonium is in play when I play my Warriors of Chaos. So, obviously the solution was to get a panda bear toy as a reminder! I got the idea from announcing "Rolling Panda" whenever I throw the bones to cast the spell.
     I painted a 3rd of Tzeentch to fit with the rest of my army. Also, I dabbed a little Scorpion Green and Bleached Bone in the eyes for the possessed look.
     That's right. This panda has a Tzeentch My Little Pony-style cutie mark. I found the panda for $2 at Micheal's (A craft story in the USA).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gorken Morkann: "and I'll form the head!"

     Gorken Morkann looked weedy when I placed the Killa Kan "head" on top of the Deff Dread body. So, I decided it was time to fit in another robotic pop culture reference and to have it become a Ork Walker Voltron.

      So....how about that cover save? This dread is going to be a bullet magnet and is probably the size of a Mega Deff Dread at this point, but I am running it as a dread no matter what. I have yet to play a game of Apocalypse anyway.

     I need to decide how I want to run it. 4 CCW + grot riggers + extra armor or 2 CCW + 2 scorcha + riggers + armor. I want to run it with 4 drills, so 4 CCW seems to be the way to go. I am not kitbashing this beast to be modest in game terms. I love it so far. I don't think that I will stick Kanz on the arms, though since the Deff Dread arms seem to be in proportion when I dry fit them there.

     Also, I ordered some big drills to go on the 2 larger arms. They are dills from a LEGO set called the "Rock Raiders." We'll see if they are big enough for the Gorken Morkann.