Friday, January 13, 2012

Space Sharks Terminators: Gettin' Jawesome

     I like to imagine the Space Sharks as a fleet based chapter out on the edges of universe kicking Xenos bootay. They take the fight to the enemies of the Emperor. I also wanted them to look feral or tribal, with a Polynesian influence. Thus, I got the idea from StillFrosty at White Scars Blog to incorporate Ork bits on them. I also have to give props to Sons of Taurus for motivating me to finish this army and giving me the cheeky name, The Sharkfin a.k.a. Deathwing.
      The red head stripe really makes the model *pop*. Before they just looked like a grey/black unpainted blob. I got the stripe idea from the Rogue Trader paint scheme. Plus, my wife approved of it while watching Dexter. The serial killer, not the boy genius.

     Personally, I love the chubby Space Shark chapter badge and I am half-way tempted to use it over the Carcharodon one.
    Notice the bayonet that I placed on the end of the stormbolter. I wish that I had the cool FW chainsaw ones, but the ork bit is suitable.

     Tyberos model gave me the idea that there should be chainblades all over the army. Iron Chef Ingredient: CHAINSAWS! I imagine that the Sharks could use them for boarding actions onto Space Hulks and such. Plus, the image that they paint in my head is gruesome and brutal, very shark-esque.

     I like the pose on this chap.

      I cut Ork Choppas (the ones not attached to hands) in order to make "fins" to place on some of their backs. The Hammer is from Maxmini. Early on while collecting this army, I was looking for cheaper TH/SS, so I picked a set of those up for the Command Squad.

      I HATED painting white on the Apothecary. His needle is from a friend that had an extra Fabius Bile bit. The syringe is full of magical FNP sauce, which is obvious green. Duh.

     A W.I.P. Shark Sargent, I am using a Ogre gut plate as a "jaw shield" to work in more Shark iconography. The hammer head is a dwarf bit that I chopped up a bit that happened to look shark-ey.

     Tyberos had to get his head stripe to fit in with the rest of the squad. I am enjoying trying little bits of freehand to learn new skills. The army revamp is driven by my need for people to see that I am playing Space Sharks. Many people thought I was playing Space Wolves due to the blog of grey. Unacceptable, as goofy as they are, the fins and other gubbins will make it much easier to identify my Chapter. It was either this or splash blood effects on everybody.
     I love this army MUCH more now and I took up the mantra that I am making this army for me, not others, so I need to have fun with them. This is looking to be my first finished 40k army.

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  1. I really like the guy with the shoulder shield that is a chompy shark mouth, it's very Space Sharks.