Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Captain Insano's Boogeymen - A Necromunda Team on Display

   This is my "Van Saar" team, Captain Insano's Boogeymen. The fluff is that they dress like monsters and utilize chemical grenades to strike fear in their enemies similar to Batman's Scarecrow. 

    I briefly entered a Nercromunda team last year. I didn't get to play it enough due to time constraints and the game being amazingly brutal. I was getting mad trying to update my models as they earned new gear/died, and I did not want to proxy. My favorite part of the game was playing with that tons of terrain. It created interesting scenarios that don't happen in larger scale wargames. Plus, the rules are free on GW's website.

     Here is Captain Insano himself leading his motley crew. They are made from Wargames Factory Shock Troopers, which is a sweet deal for 18 models plus bits for $19! My only complaint is their hands are pretty tiny compared to other model ranges.     

 Chuck rocking an ork big shoota for a stubb gun.
 My favorite head from the set. The Zoidberg head!

Alas, poor juve. We hardly knew ye...

 Far East meets Outer Space. Mars Attack Ninjas?

 These models come with some fairly cool shotguns that would do well as conversions for other systems. These models also could be used with head swaps if you need greatcoats.

Next post, I will put up some battle-shots of these guys in action.

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