Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scratch-built Mega Armor Warboss: Tony Danza Extravaganza

     It was time to get a real Warboss to lead my ork mobs. 6th gives lots of reasons to go with Mega Armor and it isn't much more expensive than just giving the boss a power klaw. The only official Mega Armor model is Ghazkull and I didn't want him, so it was time to convert up my own. I was inspired first by his sneaker-looking Killa Kan legs.

     He isn't much bigger than the Black Reach warboss, either. I've been saving that head to make a boss for months now. I fully admit to humming "Iron Man" while making the boss.

Boss Recipe
++ Killa Kan legs and feet w/ Killa Kan knee pads
++ Torso base - Trukk Engine w/ a boy shoulder pad on the lower torso and Kan pad on upper
++ Arm is the grabbing klaw from the battlewagon kit
++ Shooty arm is a Killa Kan arm with a biker gun and Kan big shoota
++ Head is from the Black Ork standard and 2 armor plates from Killa kan skorchas
++ The exhausts come from Killa Kans and a trukk

Here is my new Boom Wagon, which a friend dubbed the "Cookie Monsta."

   Also, I am punishing myself with another 30 mob of boyz. Second verse, same as first.


  1. very cool conversion I may have to do something like it. I only have the black reach boss for my army and I am not a huge an of the model... hummm time to go dig in the old bits box.

  2. Slap some plasticard on the boss and do a head swap. The power klaw arm should be switched out as I hate how it juts out. You could make a Mega Armor boss out of it, too. The front bit to ork bikes would make a good face mask, too.

  3. yeah.. that power klaw arm is my real problem with it as well and using the bike parts is definitely a good direction to go. I am still sorting out what bits I will be using but that is most of the fun with this kind of project.

  4. well I starting gluing my boss together my boss today and the only part I directly stole from yours so far is the claw arm. I had the same one left over from my trukk and it just works so well.

    Thanks again for the Inspiration This is a fun project.

  5. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    I am happy that I could inspire you. The point of this blog is to inspire others to enjoy their hobby more. Mission Accomplished.