Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cheap Infinity (or any Wargame) Tokens with Scrapbooking Materials

Tokens, Tokens, Tokens. You can use 1 inch clear epoxy bottle cap pendant stickers to make cheap tokens. I also have a Martha Stewart 1" scrap-book punch. Just buy a bunch off of Amazon because these bottle caps are much more expensive in a Hobby/Art store. I bought 200 of them because I wanted to provide enough for multiple players since I am working to grow Infinity locally.

The Operation: Icestorm tokens are perfect for using this trick, too! You can see the left token is plain, and the right one has a bottle cap on it. A thing to not is that the bottle caps may get stuck to the paper backing, if this happens just bend the bottle cap gently, and the paper will separate off.

So fancy! No more rummaging through a sandwich bag for this gentleman!

Smoke markers are cotton that is hot glued to a penny and sprayed black. I just place the token, measure the distance, make the PH roll to throw the grenade, and then hold the template over the marker whenever I need to check Line of Sight. This way I don't have to fuss over moving terrain or models.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Infinity 300 pt MRRF army: Mechs & Werewolves go together like Peanut & Chocalate

Here is my 300 pt army of the Merovingian Rapid Response Force for Infinity. The army was completed for the Mayacast 300 Army Challenge, which is due December 1st. I wanted to get it finished before the Thanksgiving holidays. Also, it was a joy to paint for a purpose. I chose this army to be based off of a Fairy Tale story,

Briscards, the 5 Brothers

The secret to my success was painting a little bit every day. This way I was consistantly making progress. Also, I spoiled myself by painting the coolest model, the Anaconda TAG first, which I usually save the centerpiece models for last, and paint the grunt models first.

The Anaconda, the Huntsman

Margot, Little Red Riding Hood
Duroc, the Big Bad Wolf
Foreground: Chasseur, Gretel
Background: 112 Emergency, Hansel

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Works in Progress: Infinity Army and a Meganob

Here are my Infinity Merovingian Rapid Response Force army models that I am painting up for the MayaCast paint challenge. These 2 models are Traktor Mul remotes.

The MRRF is a low-tech French army, so I decorated them with a lazy Canadian flag and forest type foliage. 

Here is a WIP shot of the rest of the army. I had to paint my fireman with a fancy yellow jacket.

Now matter how much I love Infinity, I cannot resist the call of Gork/Mork. I converted up a random Meganob out of stuff that I had lying around the bits box. I was inspired by a Marvel comic with Stilt-Man in it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Infinity Anaconda TAG Finished with 3d Printed Base

     Here is my Anaconda TAG and pilot for my Mayacast challenge. The mech was very fun to paint because I love painting green, and the large details were relaxing to paint.

This may be a record for the fastest that I have finished a miniature after priming.
Here I am basecoating with Vallejo Highland Green and Bronze.

Here is the miniature before a wash of GW Nuln Oil with a highlight of the same Vallejo colors.
Here is a better shot of the bases, which were printed off my classroom 3d printer using PLA plastic, so it is made of corn! Science in my Sci-fi!