Sunday, November 2, 2014

Infinity Anaconda TAG Finished with 3d Printed Base

     Here is my Anaconda TAG and pilot for my Mayacast challenge. The mech was very fun to paint because I love painting green, and the large details were relaxing to paint.

This may be a record for the fastest that I have finished a miniature after priming.
Here I am basecoating with Vallejo Highland Green and Bronze.

Here is the miniature before a wash of GW Nuln Oil with a highlight of the same Vallejo colors.
Here is a better shot of the bases, which were printed off my classroom 3d printer using PLA plastic, so it is made of corn! Science in my Sci-fi!

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  1. Those bases are awesome! Great work. My only complaint is that you need to post more often. Thanks for sharing!