Monday, November 17, 2014

Infinity 300 pt MRRF army: Mechs & Werewolves go together like Peanut & Chocalate

Here is my 300 pt army of the Merovingian Rapid Response Force for Infinity. The army was completed for the Mayacast 300 Army Challenge, which is due December 1st. I wanted to get it finished before the Thanksgiving holidays. Also, it was a joy to paint for a purpose. I chose this army to be based off of a Fairy Tale story,

Briscards, the 5 Brothers

The secret to my success was painting a little bit every day. This way I was consistantly making progress. Also, I spoiled myself by painting the coolest model, the Anaconda TAG first, which I usually save the centerpiece models for last, and paint the grunt models first.

The Anaconda, the Huntsman

Margot, Little Red Riding Hood
Duroc, the Big Bad Wolf
Foreground: Chasseur, Gretel
Background: 112 Emergency, Hansel

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