Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cheap Infinity (or any Wargame) Tokens with Scrapbooking Materials

Tokens, Tokens, Tokens. You can use 1 inch clear epoxy bottle cap pendant stickers to make cheap tokens. I also have a Martha Stewart 1" scrap-book punch. Just buy a bunch off of Amazon because these bottle caps are much more expensive in a Hobby/Art store. I bought 200 of them because I wanted to provide enough for multiple players since I am working to grow Infinity locally.

The Operation: Icestorm tokens are perfect for using this trick, too! You can see the left token is plain, and the right one has a bottle cap on it. A thing to not is that the bottle caps may get stuck to the paper backing, if this happens just bend the bottle cap gently, and the paper will separate off.

So fancy! No more rummaging through a sandwich bag for this gentleman!

Smoke markers are cotton that is hot glued to a penny and sprayed black. I just place the token, measure the distance, make the PH roll to throw the grenade, and then hold the template over the marker whenever I need to check Line of Sight. This way I don't have to fuss over moving terrain or models.


  1. Very interesting, I'd never even come across bottle cap stickers before but they look really cool and together with that hole punch you could easily set up a template so it cut perfectly every time and the bottle cap just tops it off, nice!

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  3. Any advice as my epoxy stickers ( outer domed side) keeps sticking together.