Monday, December 8, 2014

Baby's First Malifaux Models

These Malifaux metal Punk Zombies may not be the belles of the ball, but I had a blast painting them. This was my first time trying the GW technical paint Blood for the Blood God. I know that blood looks trashy on miniatures, but it seemed appropriate for Malifaux's horror setting. Plus, it is freeing to remember to paint for my own enjoyment, and to not worry about others' personal opinions. Done is beautiful, and painting is meant to be enjoyed!


  1. I think we sometimes forget that the act of painting is supposed to be joyous and a freedom of the expression of the artist. I think mini's sometimes reduce that feeling somewhat, so it's good to revisit it now and again :).

  2. Wise words. For many years, I wouldn't paint models for fear of messing them up, but now I just do what is fun, and I have been painting more than ever. Also, I am happier with what I produce.