Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Morknaut in the Kan: How to paint Ork Armor Easy, like a Weedy Git!

Painting ork armor can be so easy, even an Ork could do it!

1) Build model, duh.
2) Prime with Krylon Matte Aluminum. Matte, never Satin or Gloss.
3) Use a blister sponge (not kitchen sponge) to apply rust. Go crazy! I used Vallejo Rust Brown.
4) Wash, wash, wash the model with black wash. I used a whole pot of GW Nuln Oil.
5) Pick out details like glowy bits, rivets, and such.
6) Wash it again! I have used brown and black wash this time only on the newly painted parts, or spots that I missed.
7) Make an interesting base. Tell a story. I pulled out some cast away bits, and worked in a weedy grot.

8) Job's done!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1 Ork Buggy = 2 Mek Gunz: Cheap, Easy Conversion

     I sacrificed 2 buggies to the plastic gods in order to make 4 mek gunz. The plasticard was looted from "No Smoking" and "Deer Crossing" signs from the hardware store.
     Here they are with added gubbinz.

Tip for cutting the center of plasticard, drill holes first, and then cut into it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Orky Objective Markers, Weirdboyz, Meks, and a Squig.

Objective markers are complete. I just need to wait for the humidity to lower, so I can seal them. I find that if I do not seal at humidity greater than 75% then my models do not ghost.

Here are some Ork characters that may or may not be useful in the new book. I hope you can still turn enemy characters into squigs.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Preparing for the New Ork Codex: A Megaboss, Objective Markers, and a Morkanaut

Meet my new Mega Armor Warboss,  Koop da Krusha, Bringa' ov da Stomp. Greenstuff bellies are fun. He needs to lay off the fungus beer.

His large belly was a canvas that screamed for a silly tattoo. Thus, "Baus Lyfe" was born.

I haphazardly put my Morkanaut together before the new codex because I was so excited for the kit. It as a very early birthday gift from a friend. I decided to be conservative and pin the KFF, which was easy, but I wasted the Kustom Mega Kannon because it looks to be better than the Morkanaut gun since the high Strength, AP 2, and blast all are weapon traits that are valuable to orks.

As, you can see there is a nice circle all ready marked in the Morkanaut's body where you can drill a hole for a pin. Also, that little nub between the 2 legs on the front face of the KFF is fairly close to center on it, so I just eyeballed this pin job, like a proppa ork.

Finally, I made some easy to see objective markers for the Maelstrom missions. You  need something very visible since you will always be checking the number of an objective, so I went with the banners. I am going to number them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Lots. I little dip in the bitz box spice them up nicely, and I paved a way in the pumice basing for the Mysterious Objective die to sit securely.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Aveng-Orks Assemble!: The Marvel Super Ork Meganobs

     My new favorite unit is Meganobs in a trukk. Also, I used to read Marvel comics back in the day. Thus, the Aveng-orks were born.

First, Snikt da Klawz-boy.

Second, Kaptain Ork'merika

Third, the Unkrumpable Bulk
Fourth, Thork, the Morken son
Finally, Tonee Stork, the Iron Git

Also, my power klaw warboss, Kaptain Krump.