Thursday, June 5, 2014

Aveng-Orks Assemble!: The Marvel Super Ork Meganobs

     My new favorite unit is Meganobs in a trukk. Also, I used to read Marvel comics back in the day. Thus, the Aveng-orks were born.

First, Snikt da Klawz-boy.

Second, Kaptain Ork'merika

Third, the Unkrumpable Bulk
Fourth, Thork, the Morken son
Finally, Tonee Stork, the Iron Git

Also, my power klaw warboss, Kaptain Krump.


  1. Hah! Those are excellent - great work, man!

  2. Love the Rhino hatch for the shield.

  3. Great stuff. Are you going to expand it to include spidey and the rest of the Marvel crew?