Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Morknaut in the Kan: How to paint Ork Armor Easy, like a Weedy Git!

Painting ork armor can be so easy, even an Ork could do it!

1) Build model, duh.
2) Prime with Krylon Matte Aluminum. Matte, never Satin or Gloss.
3) Use a blister sponge (not kitchen sponge) to apply rust. Go crazy! I used Vallejo Rust Brown.
4) Wash, wash, wash the model with black wash. I used a whole pot of GW Nuln Oil.
5) Pick out details like glowy bits, rivets, and such.
6) Wash it again! I have used brown and black wash this time only on the newly painted parts, or spots that I missed.
7) Make an interesting base. Tell a story. I pulled out some cast away bits, and worked in a weedy grot.

8) Job's done!

1 comment:

  1. Great work, Sir! I must say thanks for all of the tips as I am pretty new to this hobby stuff. I am going to make those smoke markers you posted about way back when. Keep it up!