Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Infinity Demo Table

     I gave another demo of Infinity the other day. I tried it out on a 2x2 play field because 4x4 seems to be too large for below 150 pts. 2x2 was probably too small due to having to modify deployment, but it was better than playing a full size table. We used YAMS missions to get each other moving around the board. I love my Shark Mounted Lasers terrain. Also, I enjoyed the Deadzone terrain mat. It gave the table a certain panache. Shark Mounted Lasers terrain

Here is the link to my running collection of posters that I have used. Posters Google Doc

I have given so many demos at this point that I wish my WarCor application was accepted. Hint, hint, Corvus Belli, if you so how read this....


  1. I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do spreading Infinity. Corvus Belli is lucky to have such an enthusiastic ambassador. I have to admit I am a bit jealous. I live in the metro Boston area and the only local players are a tight group of awkward, sanctimonious geek elites (I feel awful writing that but its true....the various forums are filled with examples of this particular group of ard boyz giving gaming a bad name) I guess I am jealous. I had a great gaming group at fort drum but have yet to find a suitable group since my discharge. Long rant over...keep up the good, thank you for the inspiration

    1. Brian,

      Just happened on your post. There's been a small effort to build a community here in Boston outside of the more established Pandemonium / ard boyz environment. Where in the Boston area are you? I'm in the Foxboro area.

      We just had a thread on the official Infinity forum called "Infinity in the Boston Area", in the Infinity News section.

      We were tossing around some other places to host, like the Hobby Bunker in Malden. Lots of challenges with that location, though, they close at 5 pm on the weekdays.

      There's a group out of Uxbridge that plays at Citadel Airsoft on Thursdays.

      There are a couple of ITS tournaments going on this weekend (July 11-13) at Conneticon in CT, and another one in a few weekends at CaptainCon in Taunton MA (July 25). If you can make it out to one of those, you stand a good chance of meeting some more of the local community.

      I'll be at the CaptainCon event, maybe see you there?

      Anyway, post up on the forums, get involved, its going to take some effort to grow another community. There are plenty of awesome gamers in the area- they just harder to find.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I truly enjoy Infinity more than any game I have ever played. The rules are set in such a way that it is very hard to be a jerk. Also, since there is such an emphasis on skill and tactics, the "net list" mindset is pretty nonexistent. I have honestly enjoyed every game that I have played of Infinity because even when I am losing, I have choices to make and interact with the game. As opposed to say, 40k, where if you are being stomped, you just have to sit there and take it.

    One thing that our FLGS did to improve the mood of our tournaments was to stop awarding money to the winners. We made fancy medals for Best General, Best Painted, Best Sportsman, and Best Over-all. Any prize money is then raffled off after the tournament. Players are still competitive, but no longer are people hostile over ruling issues or act in a cutthroat way. We play games to win, but the objective is to have fun.

    1. Agree with all of this. You can't be a jerk and play Infinity.

      That is a good point on the prize support. I think you need to have a small token for the winners of the categories, but nothing extravagant.

      One of the worst gaming experiences I ever had was playing in a 20 week WHFB league where the main prize was a full 2000 point army. Every game was so cutthroat and hostile it wasn't enjoyable. Everyone quit after the 10th week and no-one won.

      Awesome terrain, by the way. I just picked up some of the Shark Mounted Lasers stuff myself, can't wait to get it together. Did you paint it and then assemble?