Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Da Krump Kroozer: Ork Battlewagon Conversion

     Behold, da Krump Kroozer in all of it's plasticard glory! It started it's life as a trukk made from a Rhino, but I loved the model too much to see it get blown up by bolter fire. Also, I love trukks, but 12 ork boys wasn't cutting the mustard. Thus, I did what any mek would do and tricked that bad boy out.

     I tried my hardest to keep the dimensions as close to the official model, so no one could cry foul in "modeling for advantage." Also, I am from the camp that believes if a ork vehicles doesn't have a face/gob, it's not Orky enough.

     I must admit that the treads come from a Gundam toy, Gun-Tank to be specific. I would have used the battlewagon treads, but they are too expensive. Also, I traded for this battlewagon, so the paint job is not mine.

    The next question is this. I have 2 Land Raiders. Do I use them with my Dark Angels or do I ork them up for 2 more battlewagons? Their fate is in your hands readers...


  1. Nice job man, looks awesome!! and has lots of character. Will be posting it on my Blogger's Best Series.

  2. Thanks. I miraculously did not cut myself, while cutting the plasticard. I found the sheeting cheap by buying "No smoking" signs from the hardware store for $1.

  3. I love it. The face on the front is killer. I'll have to keep the signs thing in mind when I need some more plastic sheeting.

  4. Join the two land raiders together and build a battle fortress! Nice conversions man I too believe ork vehicles must have a face and a Jaw