Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today is Hobby Day: "I don't roll on SHABBAS!"

Great weather, good mood, and strong black coffee = Hobby Time.

Here is where the magic happens. Currently, on the desk I have the following...
++ Thunderhead for Warmachine
++ A dwarf slayer
++ Matilda II tanks and India Pattern Carriers for my Flames of War Sikhs
++ 3 Dreadnoughts for Spaaaceeee Sharkssssss
++ Stormblades for more Warmachine
++ Scrap bits for making Ork buggies out of Koptas

Entropy is the natural order of the universe folks.

Here I am gloss coating and matte varnishing my Sikhs, both Krylon. My secret is to let the models dry in direct sunlight, so I don't get any funky discoloration or odd textures. Pictured I have...
++ 3 Matilda IIs
++ 3 India Pattern Carriers
++ Sikh HQs
++ 2 Rifle Platoons
++ 1 Mortar Platoon

I plan on using the army to interchange between Early and Midwar.

I respect and chose Sikhs for their unwavering heroism during any war. Also, they volunteered to fight to protect the freedom of a different culture/religion. Even Gandhi asked them to not fight since Britain would not grant India its independence, but the Sikhs wouldn't let ol' Adolph bully the down-trodden.
The army before paint.

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