Saturday, March 3, 2012

1750 Sharks Fin: Game 1 - Space Wolves

     Game 1 was versus Space Wolves. It was table corners and 3 objectives. It is always scary to play corners with objectives because it is easy to get put in a bad spot, if you place the objectives incorrectly.

His list
Rune Priest w/ Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane
Rhino w/ 9 Grey Hunters w/ Flamer and Plasma Pistol
Rhino w/ 9 Grey Hunters w/ Flamer and ??? (Never got out of its Rhino)
10 Grey Hunters on Foot
Land Raider Crusader w/ 10 TH/SS Wolf Guard Terminators
1 Lone Wolf TH/SS w/ 2 Fenrisian Wolves

     I won the roll off, so I picked the Table corner. I placed chose to place 5 Deathwing in reserve for Deathwing Assault and the 2 Attack Bikes in normal reserves. I deployed the bikes with plans to Scout into cover (shown by the arrows). I mainly wanted the bikes to allow me to deepstrike on top of 2 of the objectives Turn 1, and to help pop that Land Raider.

     I attempted to use Battlescribe to create a battlereport, but it is weak sauce for 40k. The program would be perfect for Warhammer Fantasy, but it is too fiddly for 40k units.

     I think that I played this game well, but I may have drawn if the game didn't end on Turn 5 because his 10 TH/SS were chipping away at my 5 man squads to get at the Eastern objective. It was odd being at the mercy of the TH/SS termies, very eye opening for me. I definitely do not have the volley of fire or attacks to take them down.

-  Putting the attack bikes in reserves, not Outflanking. The zoomed up and blew up the LR. Amazing because I always roll '1s' for melta to hit.
-  Deathwing Assault. I love deepstriking. It keeps the game interesting and opens the board up.
- Teleport Homers. I have to pay a chunk of points for easy kill points, but the bikers compliment  the termies like Fish and Chips. Also, they are a huge threat to opponents, so they tend to take the heat from shooting off the termie squads.

- Belial: Somebody buy this guy an Invuln save...His best stat is his Initiative, so I don't want to use TH/SS. Also, I love using the FW Tyberos model for him. That model inspired this army.

    Closing: The game was fun and it started off solidly in my favor, but extra turns would have made it a MUCH different story. Space Marine armies (Not Razorback spam) are my favorite to fight because they usually don't have the volume of shots to put down 20+ TH/SS terminators.


  1. I think that guy has an illegal list, I believe you need ten guys to take the second weapon upgrade.

  2. I would chalk up the illegal-ness to me not taking proper notes. Too busy making sound effects for my deepstrikes and bikes. The plasma guns were plasma pistols. I will edit the changes, but thanks for keeping an eye out.

    Our TOs checked everyone's lists.