Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another game system...: "To Infinity and Beyond!"

Welp. I have started another game system, Infinity. Luckily, this is a skirmish game, so the model count SHOULD stay low. The major draw of this game for me is using TONS of terrain. The rule book states that there shouldn't be more of an 8-inch gap without terrain. Also, the models are gorgeous.

I ordered in the Military Order starter of the PanOceania group. I couldn't resist crazy Indonesian/Aussie Catholic Future Knights running around in power armor. The knights still have shooting, but they can melee, even though melee seems to be an after-thought in Infinity.

Luckily, my FLGS had the Knight Hospitaller blister in, which is my favorite. I also picked up some MaxMini Old Factory bases to be all fancy.

I also ordered in the Knight of Santiago blister. I love saying his name. SANTIAGO. Supposedly, he is a dervish of death.

Now, I just need to decide on a color scheme for my grunts. Do I go with the Hospitaller or Santiago theme? Make up my own? Go with a default for any grunts and give the special ones their scheme? Me thinks that the last option seems more reasonable and would be more universal.


  1. The Santiago is one my favorite Infinity models, and probably my favorite Pan-O model.

  2. The Santiago has a great flow to his positioning. I fear that my base coat, wash, dry brush/simple highlight painting style may not due it enough justice.

    With such a small army, I can hopefully give each mini some extra painting love.