Monday, December 8, 2014

Baby's First Malifaux Models

These Malifaux metal Punk Zombies may not be the belles of the ball, but I had a blast painting them. This was my first time trying the GW technical paint Blood for the Blood God. I know that blood looks trashy on miniatures, but it seemed appropriate for Malifaux's horror setting. Plus, it is freeing to remember to paint for my own enjoyment, and to not worry about others' personal opinions. Done is beautiful, and painting is meant to be enjoyed!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cheap Infinity (or any Wargame) Tokens with Scrapbooking Materials

Tokens, Tokens, Tokens. You can use 1 inch clear epoxy bottle cap pendant stickers to make cheap tokens. I also have a Martha Stewart 1" scrap-book punch. Just buy a bunch off of Amazon because these bottle caps are much more expensive in a Hobby/Art store. I bought 200 of them because I wanted to provide enough for multiple players since I am working to grow Infinity locally.

The Operation: Icestorm tokens are perfect for using this trick, too! You can see the left token is plain, and the right one has a bottle cap on it. A thing to not is that the bottle caps may get stuck to the paper backing, if this happens just bend the bottle cap gently, and the paper will separate off.

So fancy! No more rummaging through a sandwich bag for this gentleman!

Smoke markers are cotton that is hot glued to a penny and sprayed black. I just place the token, measure the distance, make the PH roll to throw the grenade, and then hold the template over the marker whenever I need to check Line of Sight. This way I don't have to fuss over moving terrain or models.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Infinity 300 pt MRRF army: Mechs & Werewolves go together like Peanut & Chocalate

Here is my 300 pt army of the Merovingian Rapid Response Force for Infinity. The army was completed for the Mayacast 300 Army Challenge, which is due December 1st. I wanted to get it finished before the Thanksgiving holidays. Also, it was a joy to paint for a purpose. I chose this army to be based off of a Fairy Tale story,

Briscards, the 5 Brothers

The secret to my success was painting a little bit every day. This way I was consistantly making progress. Also, I spoiled myself by painting the coolest model, the Anaconda TAG first, which I usually save the centerpiece models for last, and paint the grunt models first.

The Anaconda, the Huntsman

Margot, Little Red Riding Hood
Duroc, the Big Bad Wolf
Foreground: Chasseur, Gretel
Background: 112 Emergency, Hansel

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Works in Progress: Infinity Army and a Meganob

Here are my Infinity Merovingian Rapid Response Force army models that I am painting up for the MayaCast paint challenge. These 2 models are Traktor Mul remotes.

The MRRF is a low-tech French army, so I decorated them with a lazy Canadian flag and forest type foliage. 

Here is a WIP shot of the rest of the army. I had to paint my fireman with a fancy yellow jacket.

Now matter how much I love Infinity, I cannot resist the call of Gork/Mork. I converted up a random Meganob out of stuff that I had lying around the bits box. I was inspired by a Marvel comic with Stilt-Man in it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Infinity Anaconda TAG Finished with 3d Printed Base

     Here is my Anaconda TAG and pilot for my Mayacast challenge. The mech was very fun to paint because I love painting green, and the large details were relaxing to paint.

This may be a record for the fastest that I have finished a miniature after priming.
Here I am basecoating with Vallejo Highland Green and Bronze.

Here is the miniature before a wash of GW Nuln Oil with a highlight of the same Vallejo colors.
Here is a better shot of the bases, which were printed off my classroom 3d printer using PLA plastic, so it is made of corn! Science in my Sci-fi!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

No Disintegrations: Infinity Authorized Bounty Hunter.

     The Authorized Bounty Hunter is the free miniature that you get for preordering the Infinity 3rd Edition book. The Authorized Bounty Hunter (ABH) is a merceanry miniature that you can take 3 in any ITS army list (AVA 3) in a non-Sectorial (Non-theme) army, a.k.a. Vanilla army. Here is their profile below.

    The ABH has a special rule, where you can roll on the Booty Lvl2 table. As you can see, one of these rolls results in ARM +3, which explains why the preorder ABH miniature is so heavily armored. Also, the mini is a homage to Appleseed, which inspired much of the look of PanOceania.
     If you place a preorder for the new Infinity book by November 13th, 2014, then you get the free ABH mini. You don't need the book to play since Corvus Belli puts the rules for free online, but if you want an earlier look at the rules, and want to read the (excellent) story, get the book.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

300 pt Infinity List MayaCast Paint Challenge

The guys over at the MayaCast are having a 300 pt Infinity list painting challenge. You need to email a 300 pt list from the official army builder along with a timestamped photo of your minis by November 1st. The minis can be unassembled, assembled, or prime, but cannot have any non-primer color on them. Then, you need to email a finished photo by December 1st to the hosts. Everyone that completes their challenge will be entered into a raffle for Operation: Icestorm. I am entering mainly to encourage myself to paint a new faction.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Grot Battlewagon and Big Mek KFF on a Bike

GW took Looted Wagons out of the codex, and I don't like the profile much anyway. Thus, I will be running this, somewhat small, battlewagon as a transport for Grots. It will be a wagon with a Kill Kannon to explain the turret, but it lower point games, I may just run it as a really, really big Kannon.

A friend of mine traded this vehicle to me, so I only made the turret. This wagon will put me to 5 Battlewagons, which is a magic number because I can now run the Blitza formation. If anyone complains about the size of this wagon, I will just hot swap the official model for drawing Line of Sight and cover. You can see Infinity figures looming in the background, which is the game that I rather put my money in, but I cannot give up the fun of hobbyside of Orks.

This is Big Mek Buzz-Kill. He will be my big mek with Kustom Force Field on a bike. The killsaw may not be the best choice since it it is hefty in points, but it seems fun, and I wanted to model it. So there. I used a big shoota boy body from the Battlewagon kit to make a surfing Ork. It is is dumb, but we are talking about cockney-speaking fungus here. I learned that I enjoy hobbying much more if I just make/paint what makes me happy as opposed if it will seem idiotic to others. Thus, one of the handle bars is an axe. This mek is so kunning that he made a choppa-handla bar.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Infinity Demo Table

     I gave another demo of Infinity the other day. I tried it out on a 2x2 play field because 4x4 seems to be too large for below 150 pts. 2x2 was probably too small due to having to modify deployment, but it was better than playing a full size table. We used YAMS missions to get each other moving around the board. I love my Shark Mounted Lasers terrain. Also, I enjoyed the Deadzone terrain mat. It gave the table a certain panache. Shark Mounted Lasers terrain

Here is the link to my running collection of posters that I have used. Posters Google Doc

I have given so many demos at this point that I wish my WarCor application was accepted. Hint, hint, Corvus Belli, if you so how read this....

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Morknaut in the Kan: How to paint Ork Armor Easy, like a Weedy Git!

Painting ork armor can be so easy, even an Ork could do it!

1) Build model, duh.
2) Prime with Krylon Matte Aluminum. Matte, never Satin or Gloss.
3) Use a blister sponge (not kitchen sponge) to apply rust. Go crazy! I used Vallejo Rust Brown.
4) Wash, wash, wash the model with black wash. I used a whole pot of GW Nuln Oil.
5) Pick out details like glowy bits, rivets, and such.
6) Wash it again! I have used brown and black wash this time only on the newly painted parts, or spots that I missed.
7) Make an interesting base. Tell a story. I pulled out some cast away bits, and worked in a weedy grot.

8) Job's done!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1 Ork Buggy = 2 Mek Gunz: Cheap, Easy Conversion

     I sacrificed 2 buggies to the plastic gods in order to make 4 mek gunz. The plasticard was looted from "No Smoking" and "Deer Crossing" signs from the hardware store.
     Here they are with added gubbinz.

Tip for cutting the center of plasticard, drill holes first, and then cut into it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Orky Objective Markers, Weirdboyz, Meks, and a Squig.

Objective markers are complete. I just need to wait for the humidity to lower, so I can seal them. I find that if I do not seal at humidity greater than 75% then my models do not ghost.

Here are some Ork characters that may or may not be useful in the new book. I hope you can still turn enemy characters into squigs.