Saturday, October 25, 2014

No Disintegrations: Infinity Authorized Bounty Hunter.

     The Authorized Bounty Hunter is the free miniature that you get for preordering the Infinity 3rd Edition book. The Authorized Bounty Hunter (ABH) is a merceanry miniature that you can take 3 in any ITS army list (AVA 3) in a non-Sectorial (Non-theme) army, a.k.a. Vanilla army. Here is their profile below.

    The ABH has a special rule, where you can roll on the Booty Lvl2 table. As you can see, one of these rolls results in ARM +3, which explains why the preorder ABH miniature is so heavily armored. Also, the mini is a homage to Appleseed, which inspired much of the look of PanOceania.
     If you place a preorder for the new Infinity book by November 13th, 2014, then you get the free ABH mini. You don't need the book to play since Corvus Belli puts the rules for free online, but if you want an earlier look at the rules, and want to read the (excellent) story, get the book.

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