Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aleph Toolbox - An Infinity Roster Builder that can Print Out - Yes!

No more hand writing Infinity lists like an Atek anymore!

My list that I am going to try out for this week with my Military Orders.
This list has the following tricks/tech
  • Joan spends her LT order for a free Coordinated Order each turn.
  • Joan makes the WarCor into a Regular order, so a human NetRod!
  • HMG Fusilier is a human turret, who will be in Suppression Fire all day, everyday, unless I see a need to link up for some 5 dice action.
  • Magister Knights make good Coordinated Orders with Joan since Panzerfausts are Burst 1 anyway. Plus, they can cut through terrain, notably the Objective Room, with their Exploding close combat weapons. 
  • Two different units with Multispectrum Visor 2 to combat Camo/Smoke/ODD.
  • Smart Missiles to hurt things with an AP+DA template, or use hacking to fire Burst 2 missiles in ARO.

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