Sunday, February 8, 2015

My First Painted Malifaux Crew, Yan Lo and the Ancestors

I had always looked lovingly towards Malifaux since I like the setting, the focus on objectives, and the Fate deck (everything is cards, no dice). Also, I don't have any Undead armies in my other systems, so Malifaux time for this guy!

The figures are very tabletop quality, but I had fun painting them. If I got bored painting one of them, then I stopped. I picked Yan Lo because I always loved "Big Trouble in Little Chinatown" as a kid.

I wanted my big samurai figure, Izamu, to look ghostly since he is a spirit, but he came out looking like Mr. Sinister from the X-Men comics, which is okay with me, too. Chiaki (the pink dress wearing model) was very fun to paint surprisingly. I like all of her little details, and the chi wave she is riding on.

These skeletons wear a big boring to paint, and I disliked how their spears and flags were constantly moving during paint. The Malifaux plastics can be ridiculously fragile. I decided to paint them in the colors of the Foot Clan from TMNT. Toshiro (the samurai with his guts out) was fun to paint since his guts are hanging out.

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