Friday, February 27, 2015

Infinity - Knights...IN.SPAAAACCEEEE!

     I broke out a dream team list for my Military Orders of PanOceania at my 300 pt League night yesterday. Magister Knights have always been my favorite models, rules-wise, in Infinity, but they are actual good models in N3, where they were gimmicks in the last edition.

     The trick with this list is to use the Joan of Arc with the Magister Knights as a Coordinated Order. This way, you can use the Magisters' Panzerfausts, which are Burst 1, and Joan as the SpearHead to shoot her Spitfire with 2 dice at a single target. Coordinating, like this, only gives your enemy a single ARO, which can really take away the power from an enemy Link Team.
     Another trick is to start the Magisters linked, so they are not Impetuous. Alternatively, you can start them Impetuous on Turn 1, in order to use their Impetuous as free movement, dubbed the "Slingshot." This tactic would burn a precious Command token to form the link though, so it probably is not worth it in N3.
     Either way, it is nice that you can load up on Knights now, where in N2, Military Order lists lived and died by the lowly Order Sergeant.

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