Friday, February 3, 2012

AoBR Orks to a Blood Bowl Team: Make it Choppy

     I wanted to start Blood Bowl, and I have an abundance of Boyz. Seemed like an easy conclusion to me. Kitbash a team up.

Here are the 3 linemen. They have rounded shoulder pads and look block-ey.

 These lads are my blitzers. They have the knuckle dusters, which are the chainsaw blade ork arms with the blades lopped off.

 Black Ork Blockers are based off of AoBR nobz.

 The thrower, not that orks have much of a passing game. Probably shouldn't have a boss pole, but how else does he exert his dominance over the other players?

I colored the boyz off of the University of Kansas' away colors, my Undergraduate college.  I am proud of how they turned out. I am tempted to color the pass rims, to better differentiate between the different player types; thrower, blocker, lineman, and passer.

Now, I just need a game board....


  1. They look good, you might want to add some goblins or even a troll.

  2. Thanks. I do want to add some variety to the team. A goblin would be easy with grots and fantasy goblins.

    The troll a bit more difficult since I don't want to use the River Trolls since they are too aquatic for my tastes. I would probably make one just like I made Throgg and his boy-os.

  3. I think I may have one of the spiked footballs still from the old box set that you could have. It would give them a bit of flare.

  4. That would be amazing. I wanted to get one to put on a ring, so I could place it on the ball-carrier's arm.