Monday, February 20, 2012

1750 Tournament Deathwing: Getting the Sharks Ready to Swim

    Here is my first real time at free-handing a chapter badge. Currently,  I am attempting to get the Space Sharks ready to roll for an upcoming 1750 tournament at the FLGS. I am indecisive on my list because I don't know what to run. I am most comfortable with Terminators and bikes, but the bikes are such easy kill points. Also, Fearless bikes aren't as good as fearless TH/SS terminators.

The List So Far: 1750 Deathwing
Belial w/ Claws

1) Command Squad
      - All TH/SS with Apothecary, CML, and Banner
2) 4 TH/SS Squad with Chainfist CML
3) 4 TH/SS Squad with Chainfist CML
4) 4 TH/SS Squad with Chainfist CML
5) 2 TH/SS Squad and 2 SB/PF with Chainfist CML

Fast Attack
1) 3 Bikes
     - 2 Meltaguns and 1 Sarge with Melta Bombs
     - 1 Attack Bike with Multi-Melta
2) 3 Bikes
     - 2 Meltaguns and 1 Sarge with Melta Bombs

1750 points on the nose, 9 Kill Points

     I love using DWA to teleport in the Command Squad, plus 2 other squads without scattering via the bikes. I am not sold on the Attack bike because I don't know if 1 melta shot is worth a kill point. I wouldn't have anything to spend the 50 points on though besides giving the bike sarges a powerfist. I don't want the bikes in CC, though. Also, with 3 men, it seems unlikely that the fist sarge will get to swing.

     I have 3 dreads, more terminators, and 2 Land Raiders, so I am open to list advice. Dreads are fun/fluffy, but do nothing in previous games. Land Raiders seem fun, but I already have very few bodies. More terminators is an option, but boring. I don't think that one more terminator squad will make or break me at 1750.

     I freehanded up a banner for the Command squad. It is stolen from my Warriors of Chaos. I used the old Rogue Trader goofy shark because I love him.

Here are all of my Sargents in all of their Sharky glory.

"Jaw-shields" are from Ogre bull gutplates. The Shark-hammers are from the Dwarf Warrior command sprue. It is a sea-monster looking bit, where I chopped off the extra backfins to leave a dorsal sharkfin. It may be goofy looking, but I want to look like Sharks! I was tired of people asking about my Space Wolf army since I have grey Marines.

I used a bit from Fabius Bile to represent my Terminator Apothecary since I built this list up pre-Grey Knights with their rooting tooting TDA Apothecary bit.

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