Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Panda-monium: WoC Spell Marker

     I always feel like a jerk when I have to remind people that Pandemonium is in play when I play my Warriors of Chaos. So, obviously the solution was to get a panda bear toy as a reminder! I got the idea from announcing "Rolling Panda" whenever I throw the bones to cast the spell.
     I painted a 3rd of Tzeentch to fit with the rest of my army. Also, I dabbed a little Scorpion Green and Bleached Bone in the eyes for the possessed look.
     That's right. This panda has a Tzeentch My Little Pony-style cutie mark. I found the panda for $2 at Micheal's (A craft story in the USA).


  1. This species will endanger you!

  2. Your comment has me bamboo-lzed.

  3. His bamboo supply is dwindling due to climate "Change".

  4. Touche, sir, touche. You have won this battle of wits.