Monday, September 10, 2012

Space Shark Terminator Chaplain - Holy Diver

     I am growing bored of the Terminator TH/SS parade that is my current count-as Deathwing Space Sharks list. Thus, I am trying to branch out the force. With my Librarian, I am always shooting for re-roll to hit, so why not run a Chaplain?!

     I haven't been super impressed with the Libby anyway. I am also hoping that Chaplains and Plasma gets better with the new Dark Angels Codex due soonish (Hopefully). I also converted my bikes into squads of 5 with 2 plasma, plus multi-melta attack bike. In my experience, the attack bike is the melta workhorse, so why not use the plasma's extra range to shoot-and-scoot away from things for the normal bikers?

     I am also tempted to try out a dual Land Raider list to spice things up. My gut tells me that is too many points spent on non-scoring elements of an army sub-2000, but the Raiders aren't so desireable as Battlewagons either for 2 reasons.
     1) You can take Cover saves off the Deff Rolla.
     2) You can't assault after Tank-Shocking.

Epic Caine has been lonely on my desk, so I tried priming white and black to see if I get a lighting effect. He came out a tad fuzzy, but nothing beyond fixing.

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