Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gorken Morkann, Rambork, and Khal Drogork: Ork Update

     I finally mustered up the courage to paint up my baby, Gorken Morkann. Painting ork armor is fun because if you make a mistake with the brush. Meh.

I tried to stay true to the source material.

Drill, drill, drill!

The new leader of my WHFB Waaaagh, Khal Drogork.

Finally, Marbork for my Imperial Guard Allies.

Oh yeah, I painted up this Space Shark Dreadnought to kill lots of MEQ infantry, which is lousy all over the shop.

Also, look at all of these boys....


  1. That's some big drills, looks really good!

  2. Thanks, I was worried because I didn't want this Dread to look too much like a rust bucket. The drills are from the Lego Rock Raider series, if anyone is interested.