Sunday, July 15, 2012

Orky Stompy Goodness + Krylon Aluminum

Send in the kanz..........

     Metallic hobby paint is annoying to basecoat. Thus, I want to try a spray primer. Krylon has done me right in the past. I went with the matte because the satin tends to resist additional paint layers. It's doable, but more time consuming.

I am going to repaint the vehicles here since I didn't paint them. Also, I plan to wash the vehicles in a brown wash to ork them up. The spray paint is nice in that it doesn't take much to cover. Also, it dries faster than other colors, such as black. I suggest shorter bursts and holder the can closer than 6 inches, like with more basic colors.

I kitbashed another Super Deff Dread since another local player was so kind to gift me with a dread and kanz boxes. I wanted a more serious, deadly looking one for this stomper. I took inspiration from my Avatar, Guts-Man from MegaMan.

I hope that ork walkers are still good in 6th edition, but hull points seem to weaken the stompy list. No matter what I will play it since walkers are my favorite units in 40K.

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