Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Orky Tau Allies: Where Fungus meets Fish

     Send in the Fire Grots! This is a Fire Warrior with Fantasy Goblin legs (not Night gobbo). I slapped him on a piece of cork, so that I am not modeling for advantage.

I am trying to fit in some bare headed gobbos, but their heads will require some green stuffing since they lack a back.

 The Orky Broadside is a work in progress. The big shoulder guns are Killa Kan skorchas (who even uses those?). The Rocket arm is a Killa Kan missile arm with a ork boy shoulder pad covering the joint. The legs are Killa Kan arms with Killa Kan feet. I need to decide what to do for the other arm since I am running out of missile arms.


  1. Awesome! Love the broadside especially. When I thought about this as a counts-as army a while ago, I called the grot fire warriors "Flash Grots".

    Look forward to more of this!

  2. I feel like that I am your hobby brother from another mother. I promise that I am not purposefully copying your work.

    I even bought one of those goofy GI Joe drills to make a breaching drill. I do some Googling about ideas for it and it take me to your site. Uncanny!

  3. Hah! I think the difference may be I think about it, but you actually do it!