Saturday, December 1, 2012

MegaArmor Warboss: Ton'ee Stork the Iron Git

     Blame the Iron Man 3 trailer and Ozzy for making me paint up my converted Warboss in Iron Man colors. I have an idea of having Ton'ee Stork a.k.a. "Iron Git" leading a group of Avengers style ork Nobs. Maybe my Bad Moons raided a comic book shop planet? Worst planet ever....

     Sorry for the drop in picture quality, but it is easier to snap a pic with my new phone while drinking the morning coffee.

Look at my assembly line of Ork boyz in the background...Round 2 of yellow spray, green wash shoota boyz.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! For Avenger orks... Thork seems obvious, armed with a looted thunder hammer. Then there's Da Bulk, massive near naked ork, I suggest getting a rat oger and giving him an ork head, and tail-ecteme. Kaptain Amorkaka, big shield and a pistol, gotta have gloves and a cowl. For Hawkeye maybe a grot with a bow and arrow, but with a grenade on the end of the arrow, can't think of an orky name for him though. Just don't try and make Black Widdow, an ork with lipstick is not a thing I want to see.

  2. Thanks for the glowing comments. I am working on a Thork, who wields a Dwarf hammer since it looks more like Mjolnir, but a Thunder Hammer may make more sense. Kaptain Amorkaka is already made up with a rhino hatch for a shield. Da Bulk would look great from a rat ogre. Squigeye would look good as a gobbo. I agree on the lack of a Black Widdow, I have nightmares of the Blood Bowl Ork cheerleader....

    I am also kicking around running a Snikrot counta as Weapon Xork (Wolverine)