Saturday, November 17, 2012

Marbork: They Drew First WAAAAGH!

Being a fan of Reserves, Odd deplolyment, and Stallone made converting an orky Marbo irresistable. Here is my shot at the 'roided-out fungus.

He has unique wargear, so I tried to represent it in the mini to help me remember (Ripper pistol, poisoned blade, and demo charge).

I had fun with greenstuffing the hair and headband. I had to use all of my experience with Ninja Turtles for inspiration. I also used some greentuff to create a muzzle flair on the end of the pistol as an experiment.

Marbo Recipe
++ Fantasy Orc Warboss head
++ Loota/Burna Mek torso
++ Fantasy Orc Boy hand weapon arm
++ Ork Nob pistol arm
++ Demo charge is from a Killa Kan's skorcha

I am now working on my Team Fortress Ork kommando squad. Here is the spy with Breaking Bad in the background.

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