Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Painted vs. Last Painted: When Worlds Collide....

     I started up Warhammer 40k, when my wife bought me the Battle for Macragge starter set back when I graduated from college in 2008. My brother and I painted up the figures over a summer. I took the Tyranids and he took the Space Marines. The termagants were the first minatures that I ever painted. My Tyranids are Hive Fleet Occulus, obvious from the goggley eyes. My fluff was that nid spores are causing your dudes to trip all the balls.
     Tyberos the Red Wake was painted a few months back. I tried to drybrushing for the first time and I used several washes. Tyberos is the first mini that I feel proud of. I work fulltime and I am also pursuing a doctorate on the side. Thus, I do not have oodles of time. I decided that I should strive for a solid tabletop standard (more than 3 colors and washes). I try to keep a time spent on painting: time on the table ration in mind, now. The key is to keep painting from stressing me out.

Also, using your bathroom as a light box is a great poorhammer trick.
      I tried to make a lightning effect on the claws. The base is made out of plasticard bits that I picked up at a hobby store. The grating in the foreground of the base is made from screen-door screening, which I will do a tutorial on. Tyberos is for my Deathwing count-as Space Sharks army. The grey is a tad plain for me, so I may need to slap some blood on them for the Shark Week effect. Any tips on blood?

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