Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Space Shark Terminators - Knock...Knock...Land Shark

     Space Sharks were the first Space Marines that got me into 40k back in 2008. I love terminator armor, deep striking, and dreadnoughts, so they are a perfect match to my tastes. Forgeworld's release of Tyberos the Red Wake forced me pony up to make a Deathwing army.
      I picture them as an isolated fleet-based army out on the edge of the known galaxy tearing up heretics and Xenos with chainsaws. My Iron Chef ingredients are Polynesian themes since they admired sharks and chainblades ala Tyberos. I decided that every squad must have a chainfist for my shark fluff. I imagine them tearing through the bulkheads of space hulks to assault in a surprise attack.
     I converted this model up on a whim a few nights ago to pass some time. Oh, look I have some dreadnought leg armor those look sort of like some Pre-Heresy-esque shoulder pads. Hello, Mr. Big Choppa meet my friend the thunder hammer. Challenge: How many skulls can I fit on this guy before he starts worshiping Khorne? I plan on running this guy as a psuedo-bodyguard to Tyberos(Belial) in the Command Squad or as Belial if I want to run TH/SS, which I don't see ever happening. Maybe at 1000 and below, I would run TH/SS Belial due to a dangerously low model count. Belial's best stat is his initiative in my playtesting.
     My Space Sharks just looked like grey Deathwing, so I decided to add more shark-y bits. Thus, the Ogre gut plate as a "Jaw-Shield" and the...Maw-hammer? Tsunami-Hammer? I don't know a name yet. Space Sharks are out in deep space, so this thunder hammer is meant to look ragtag. It is a Power weapon arm with a big choppa staff topped with a Dwarf Command sprue bit. A dragon? I shaved off the back fins of the "dragon", so that the singular fin would look like a shark's dorsal fin.

     I am a bit bored with my paint scheme. The FW scheme is all grey and black. I tried to splash some red in to jazz it up, but it is still boring to look at. Maybe basing and finishing touches will improve it? Add ridiculous amounts of blood effects on all weaponry?


  1. Love the big choppa guy.

    For mine I've thought about doing them in white, or tiger-striped (Tiger Sharks!) or in the Badab Tranquility campaign scheme to make them stand out a bit more. May end up with grey though!

  2. Thanks for the comments. Mr. Big Choppa is my first attempt at using green stuff to pose a model's arms. Originally, I had all of these guys magnetized, but the arms kept moving into dumb-looking poses. I decided it was time to make the army look good to me, tactics be damned.

    I am tempted to now go and buy some shoulder pads from Microart or Maxmini to continue this look throughout the army. Plus, I don't have to paint chapter badges that way!