Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Warhost of Vigo the Unholy: My Warriors of Chaos Part 3 - Hellcannons?

     The Hellcannon model is awesome, but I loathe GW's metals. This hatred is a fallacy because I am endeared with Privateer Press' metals. One of my new found loves is pinning warbeasts and warjacks ever since I ponied up for the citadel pin vise.
     Anyway, I decided that I didn't want to buy the Hellcannon model, so I looked for alternatives. I saw a post of another player using Todd Macfarlane's Warriors of Astrology Gemini to represent his hellcannon. The post was found here The Inspiration Here is my take on it.

    These "model" is awesome for 2 reasons for me. 1) I wanted my arm to have a Monster Mash theme, so this baddie fits right in. Plus, I can see this lug raging off and eating its crew way easier than the official model. 2) You get 2 of these guys in one model because the above picture is half of it. Here's his baby brudda.
     I used cork to make it seem that Vigo, my general, was summoning these daemonic machines from Hell or its hellish Fantasy equivalent. The bases are from movement trays. The crew are Ungor painted Hellboy red (Scab red). I painted their bodies Mithril Silver to make them look like living metal. The armor is Enchanted Blue, which is a theme color of my army. Another great thing about his model is that it is WYSIWYG since the cannon has Chaos Armor.
     I feared that people may scoff at me using a toy to play Warhammer with, but everyone so far loves them and I receive many compliments for them.

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