Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Warhost of Vigo the Unholy: My Warriors of Chaos Part 1

     To add content, I will do posts displaying units of my Warriors of Chaos army. These models were done for a summer league at my local game store. Many of conversions were inspired by others.

     Here is my unnamed BSB. Guess what mark he is? The Tzeentch symbol is my first attempt at free-handing a logo. The banner comes from the Gor box with extra skulls that I have collected from my bits box. I guess this guy really likes skulls, huh? You gotta keep the Khorne marked units in line.
     He also has the Bronze Armor of Zorak. Thus, the armor color. His painting was simple in that I just base coated in simple colors and then slapped on the ol' liquid talent a.k.a Delvan Mud.

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