Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Warhost of Vigo the Unholy: My Warriors of Chaos Part 2 - Sorcerer Lord

     Here is the main man, Vigo the Unholy. Try to guess one of my favorite movies?
      His fluff is that he flies around on his Tzeentch with his monstrous bunch to seek out enemy wizards. Once defeated, Vigo grinds up and snorts the ashes of the wizards skull to gain their knowledge. For this reason, I always run him with the Third Eye of Tzeentch, so my wizard can cast any spell of an enemy wizard in LOS.
     The green arm is from an ork and represents the corruption from his demon pact. The head, book, and staff are from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit. The cape and skull shoulder pad are from the Marauder kit.
     The disc is a pocket watch fob that I covered in green stuff. You can see a small blemish in the center right of the disc. That is a magnet that I embedded in the green stuff. There is another magnet in Vigo's boot. I have another base that I can use to run him on foot if I wish, which I have yet to do. Running him with the enchanted shield (2+ to shrug off the first hit) and Talisman of Protection (3+ Ward with Tzeentch) is survivable enough. The only thing that has been able to reliably tag him are Doom Divers.

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