Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Khorne Marauders - Khorne on the Cob

     No WoC army is complete without a huge horde of raging, nipple-bearing lumberjacks. I converted the Great Weapons by clipping the tops off of the flails. I did not want a huge orgy of flesh in my monster WoC, so I painted them ghostly to fit my fluff. Also, my favorite part of the Lord of the Rings is the Army of the Dead. :)

     The heads are from the Marauders box, Space Wolves, and Warrior of Chaos heads with the horns clipped/shaved off.

     Also, 50 models in a horde is BORING. Thus, I decided to use some unit fillers. I took 2 Calvary bases and stuck them together to represent 4 models each. The fillers are Spawn with Standard Bearer decorations used like heads. The arms are from 40k Ork Boyz with Chaos Knight weapons.

     My "Ghostly" effect was achieved by priming them White then VERY watered down Goblin Green > Blue Wash > Green Wash. It is interesting to see what painting with washes can achieve and makes me think about the option of priming white in the future.


  1. Love the filler guys.

    I've done a number of figures mostly with washes and glazes, it can be fun.

  2. It was extremely relaxing just slapping paint all over these models. It reminded me that I need to have more fun with painting.

  3. Great stuff! I actually did most of my Nurgle and Slaanesh with multiple series of washes. Will be throwing a shout out soon for your Spawns.