Sunday, December 11, 2011

There's a troll in the dungeon....Oh, my Throgg!

     My Chaos trolls kitbashed from Ogre bulls and 40k Nob heads. I wanted to have fat little, pukey hulks running amok in my army. Again, I avoid GW's metals and river trolls aren't Chaos enough for me. No sir, I don't like it.
These pictures came out a little wonky in the color department, bad?
I made sure to repeatedly ask the wife, if this was the right vomit color when painting this while watching TV with her. She approved.
 Throgg had to be there and I was inspired by King Hippo from Punch-Out! when I created him, so he has a cape. He also has a staff with what is meant to be warpstone to represent his regenerative abilities.
      This guy is surprisingly my favorite of the unit. He just looks so serious standing there with his brew. He embodies "Come at me, bro." I used Chaos Marauder shields to cover the gut plate holes. The foam is green stuff and the beer glass is from the Ogre bull sprue.

     This 2-headed fellow was inspired by the picture of Chaos trolls from the WoC army book. The troll's skin is goblin green basecoat, Scorpion green "highlights" if you could call them that, then Thraka Green wash. I like the cartoony effect and I may use it for my 40k orks. I am not sure, yet.


  1. Good combination of parts, and um, good work on the vomit.

    I'll have to remember to use the chaos shields for gutplates when I get to my WHFB chaos guys and make some Chaos Ogres.

  2. The vomit's inspiration was the vomit jelly bean that I ate when I thought it was the Juicy Fruit flavor. Serves me right for buying the Harry Potter jelly beans for the wifey.