Friday, June 1, 2012

Infinity: ORC Trooper (Not that kind of Ork)

     This model was a pleasure to paint. It helps that I went in with a game plan. Also, I used white primer with a black wash to pick out the details. This preparation went MUCH nicer than my prime black technique.

     I am pleased with the results. This figure was my first attempt at line highlights. They are probably a tad bit extreme, but I really wanted this guy to pop. I also wanted to limit my use of metal paints.

Orc Armor
+++ Base Coat - Reaper Master Paint "Cloudy Grey"
+++ 1st highlight - GW Fortress Grey
+++ Line highlight - Vallejo Ivory
+++ Final Touch - GW Badab Black Wash

+++ Eyes - GW Blood Red
+++ Under-armor - GW Tin Bitz
+++ Rifle - GW Boltgun

++ Bricks - Vallejo Sand -> GW Badab Black -> GW Devlan Mud -> More Vallejo Sand
++ Earth - GW Desert Sand -> GW Devlan Mud

   Expect more to come....

Class Dismissed.

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