Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dystopian Wars: Redesigned Stat Cards for the People! Rejoice!

     I am experiencing a revival of Dystopian Wars amongst my amigos due to the updated rules and shiny new model syndrome. I was gifted the FSA Starter Naval box, so I picked up the John Henrys because I love me a big robot.

While trawling through the Spartan Games forums, I found these redesigned cards made by user Youlooklikeanail. These cards are amazing and will speed up our games substantially. I suggest you print out a set yourself.

Linky: Gotta Catch Em All

 They include the rules on the card. No more flipping the cards for the lazy. No more checking the rule book for special rules. FREEDOM, brothers!

My favorite card lists the "To-Hit" for EVERYTHING. It gets confusing mid-game, sometimes, but in my case, all the time.

WarmaHordes-style cards for tracking damage and crits. Smell ya later, cardboard chits!

Class Dismissed


  1. These look great, thanks for posting. I've been playing Uncharted Seas and tempted to make the dive into Dystopian Wars. Big question is what nation to pick!

  2. All factions are good. My least favorite are the Blazing Sun (even though I play them) because I hate that their broadsides are fixed channel, which means that they don't get an arc of fire. They are tricky to use. I chose the faction for the rockets, I stayed for the Ika squid!

    Here is a good breakdown of the factions on Shell Case.

  3. iamgraef's "What do I need to hit what, and where?" charts are great, as well.