Friday, May 4, 2012

Circle of Orboros: "Bark at the Moon"

     I am trying to limit my unpainted minis around the Casa de Gigawatts. I've had an unpainted eThagrosh Legion of Everblight Hordes shredder spam army for about 6 months, now.  One of my buds wants to sell his Circle of Orboros eKaya army, so I offered to sell my stuff to buy his. Now, I have a painted army for Hordes! Yea! Cheat to win! Cheat to win!

I love the color palette he used for this models and it really ties them all together. I wanted the army mainly for his skills, which far out class my own skills a.k.a. brown wash. Also, I wanted a nature themed army, and WHFB Wood Elves are.....let's say "vintage."

Kaya got a hand swap to eliminate what my bro described as "Derp hand."

I love em'

Class dismissed.

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