Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Infinity: Rules Snafus for New Players

Infinity = Great Success. Our first game was quick, brutal, and entertaining. Some of the rules took some time to get the hang of, but I learn by doing, not reading. Here are some things that tripped us up to help you and other players out. Veterans, please, correct me if I have any of there wrong.

If you play with 40k terrain, I would encourage you to house rule that you cannot see through windows, otherwise there will not be enough cover.

2 Enemy Figures in CC with your 1 Figure
"...all figures engaged in CC with a right to ARO can make their roll to hit with a MOD of +3 for each friendly figure engaged in combat. A miniature in his active turn must achieve a higher roll than all of his enemies and then will be able to hit one of them: any enemy figure with a superior roll to his will succeed in hitting him instead. Similarly, to get out of Close Combat an active figure will have to overcome all his opponents’ CC Rolls with his PH Roll."

Burst value of Guns
BURST is the number of shots per order, so by spending 3 orders on a Combi-rifle (Burst = 3), you can let out 9 shots. I though BURST was the limit of shots per active turn ala Warmahordes' ROF.

 Coordinated Orders and Shooting
Coordinated orders allow a group of up to 4 models act as one, so that they only trigger one ARO per enemy model in LoF/ZoC. You can coordinate a combined order of up to 4 models. So, 4 of my guys (for an order each) can act at the same time to shoot ONE of the enemy models BUT, their Burst is cut in half, rounding up. Thus, 3 shots on a Combi-rifle (BURST =3) becomes 2 shots a piece.

Unconscious Models
Unconscious models do not give an order. If you aren't playing a special scenario or have a doctor, just pick them up off the board. They also complete their movement before falling down.

You can respond in an ARO as many times in a turn as your enemy spends orders on a model that is in your Line of Fire and or Zone of Control (8 inches). Also, you must declare your ARO after the first short/long action.

1) Active player declares First Short or Long Action.
2) Reactive player declares response.
3) Active player declares Second Short Action or completes Long Action.

Cautious Movement
Cautious movement doesn't trigger an ARO and it is a movement that starts out of LoF and ends out of LoF of enemy models.

Reserve in Deployment
During deployment, a player can hold a model in reserve (not like 40k), Player 1 would have deployed, then Player 2 deployed, then Player 1 places their reserve model, then Player 2 places their reserve model. This allows Player 1 to respond to Player 2's deployment with a reserved model.

Definition of Line of Fire
You can shoot at a model in partial cover, as long as you can see an amount of their body equal to their head. Pro-tip: Don't greenstuff afros onto your models.

Knight AVA in Vanilla PanOceania
The AVA of Order Knights (Teutonic, Santiago, Montessa, Sepulcher) is 1 and AVA of a Hospitaler is 1. Thus, I can run my Santiago and Hospitaler in the same army no problem. Yippe Skippe!

Finally, use the Devil Team's Infinity creator for looking up rules, which saves me from going to different pdfs. It is nice that you can click on the model's rules and they link you to the Infinity Wiki in a new tab.
Infinity Army Creator 

I hope that any potential players can learn from my rules mistakes. We haven't even got into camo...We played 3 light infantry and 1 heavy infantry, which seemed to be a good demo level.

Class dismissed



  1. It all looks right except for ARO.

    You get to declare AROs the first time your model sees the acting model, so if they move out in front of you on their second action of the order, they can't respond to whatever you want to do and any roll made as a result of it, is considered a normal roll.

    This is especially important with camo since you can hold your response on their first action since you don't really "see" them.

  2. Ah, that makes more sense now. Coming from other games, AROs seem to be crazy, but in reality it is more realistic and interactive for the game.

    It really IS always your turn in Infinity.

  3. Indeed, that's what I find so amazing about it.

  4. Yeah we had a blast playing and its good that we know the rules better now. Next time we play you might beat my tho Watts my bud.

  5. Beating you would be refreshing, usually you beat me down like a hobo with a sack full of door knobs.