Friday, June 8, 2012

75 Points of Cygnar and eNemo's Baby Blues

     Epic Nemo has been staring at me unpainted for 2 years from my paint desk, while mumbling things about orks needing to get off his lawn. Thus, it was time to tackle electrical robo-Mark Twain. Plus, there is a new Nemo coming out, so I needed to get moving!

I tried my hardest to get a "glowy" effect on his electrical parts and eyes. The best thing that I learned on eNemo was to use the side of my brush to pick out details as opposed to using the tip of the brush. This technique made it much easier to hit the small details, like his mustache.

It also helped that I had my buddy, Viking Librarian, to encourage me as I painted. eNemo is one of my favorite sculpts of all time, so I was intimidated by him. The whole model is blocked out with my colors of choice, and then washes. First, I washed with GW Gryphone Sepia, then Devlan Mud. The white cloth was far too bright and eye catching, so I tried watering down GW Devlan Mud for the first time. I like how the watered down brown wash gave it a subtle definition. Undiluted the wash just makes things messy looking.

The 4 Casters from first painted (left) to most recent (right).

Gunmages with UA

Stormblades with UA. Rocking a freehanded swan! That was frustrating and required a hard cider to finish.

Black 13th with Ramona Flowers standing in for Ryan

Now, I just need to actually play some games of Warmachine.....

Class dismissed.

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  1. Very nice man, i'll be looking forward to playing against them soon.