Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Space Sharks - Dreads, Librarians, and Guts

     Lucky me, I kitbashed a Librarian months ago to feel dead points in my Deathwing lists. I wanted him to have a Polynesian-style mace weapon and tattoos like Dhalsim from Street Fighter. I love doing glowey eyes for magic users.

Dreadnought Smashy is reporting for duty. I am proud of the freehand shark on the left leg guard. Dreads were the coolest unit to me before I started play 40k, so I am happy to finally own some painted ones.

Dreadnought Bitey is from the Ven Dread kit. I love heavy flamers for their cool factor. Same reason for the Assault Cannon. Plus, I am a proud member of the pop a Land Raider with an Assault Cannon Club. It helps that this set up elevates some of the pain facing horde lists with Deathwing.

Here is my Belial with TH/SS, but he is mostly ran as the sargent of the Command Squad because Tyberos is too cool of a model to deny. Plus, Belial's best stat is his initiative. It would be a shame to waste it. The guts are green stuff. The shoulder pads are from the Ven Dread kit. This figure was just me playing around with the old bitz box and my attempt to get more of a Shark vibe.

The victim was painted so fast that it makes me excited to paint orks. Washes help.

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