Monday, April 2, 2012

WoC 2200 Results: "The Middle Man"

     I ended up placing 8th out of 16 players. I ended up playing 3 games. I had tons of fun and got to eat this for dinner. New York Dawg Pound (Not in NY).

    That is is one hot dog with bacon and egg. Another with Pico de Gallo (Beak of the Chicken), sour cream, and a tortilla. Delicious.

 Here are the tournament results.

Game 1: Dwarfs - WON
++ My Wizard for playing Yahtzee with Infernal Gateway, yet not miscasting.
++ Warhounds for putting the pressure on Dwarf warmachines.

++ 2 Rounds of 2 Shooting Hellcanons causing ZERO causalities.
++ The game being really one-sided in my favor against a great guy with beautiful, classic minis.

Game 2: Ogres - LOST

++ Not Much

++ My Deployment. See my derpy deployment of 18 Khorne Warriors in front of 25 Tzeentch over by the hour on the right? HURRR. This cost me the game, most likely
++ Hellcannons aren't as cool without D6 stomps.

Game 3 - Vampire Counts - LOST, Oh Boy. REALLY LOST

++ Sorcerer Lord flying around and Yahtzee-ing Infernal Gateway. I have yet to suck a unit into the warp and I have been playing for almost a year, :(

++ Only having one unit with a magic weapon againist TONS of ethereal units. The Sorcerer Lord.

Vampire Counts player, who is one of my favorite players, just reamed me with his list. Turn 1: A bunch of banshees and a Terrorgeist jump up to me and scream at me. This screaming causes me to lost 19 of my 25 Tzeentch warriors and the unit flees. It was pretty much game over from there. Undead units being Immune to Psych is a pain, too. It makes my Hellcannon and Tzeentch magic not as good.

Lessons Learned
++ Bring Magic weapons
++ 2 Hellcannons isn't insta-win
++ My goofy Chaos gifts aren't any help or that fun.
++ Breath Weapons go at model's initiative. This fact may have cost me my Ogres game since the Dragonhide Banner gave my Khorne Warriors ASL.
++ Run some Trolls or something since the army felt BORING without something wacky.

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