Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rat Ogres to Grotesques: "Feed my Frakenstein(s)"

I am converting Skaven Rat Ogres (WFB) to Dark Eldar Grotesques (W40k). I don't much care for the official GW models because they seem boring. I want something more how do I say...Grotesque? I was telling my brother from another mother that I've seen Rat Ogres as an awesome base for the conversion. Thus, the great Converto-Unit Swap of 2012 was born!

I'm making the Grotesques, while he is making me a unit of Team Fortress 2 Orks. I am getting the better deal in that trade IMO.

The Tools of the Trade
 ++ 4 Island of Blood Rat Ogres + 1 Screaming Bell Ogre (bought from Lazarus Games on eBay)
++ Clippers bought from Micheal's (Craft Store) Gardening section for $1
++ Razor Blade for MOLD LINES or cutting my fingers
++ Loctite Super-Glue (I've tried Zap-a-Gap and Gorilla Glue, neither impressive)
++ The Masks from the Talos kit (bought from Horde o' Bits on eBay)
++ Liquifier Gun and Gauntlet from Talos kit (see above)
++ Oatmeal Stout beer (I prefer hard cider)
++ Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Sweet Transvestite on loop (<3 Tim Curry, so Dark Eldar)

Step 1: Cut Those Tails. MAZEL TOV!

Step 2: Get Chopping and Gluing
Here is where I am at so far, I am pretty satisfied. I might slap some little bits here are there, but stick a fork in them, they are 90% in my eyes.

I will get better (non-cellphone) pictures of the little Frankenstein in another post.


  1. I really like the Rat Ogre models, they are a great deal, and have a LOT of conversion potential. Really like what you did with these. Let me know when you get new pics up.

  2. Your Obliterators were the inspiration that planted the seed for this project.

    You are my muse. ;)

    I haven't figured out what to do about the hairy bits, yet though. Just leave it? Seems to much work to file/green-stuff.

  3. Cool, man glad to hear I was able to inspire someone else. You could always scrape it down with a razor blade, fairly quick, or possibly use some acetone (I think, maybe something else) to melt those areas a bit. It may give a different look... or ruin the model.. Hard to say.