Friday, April 20, 2012

Starfleet Battles: To Pew where No Man has Pew-ed before.

I played a game of Starfleet Battles with my crew at the FLGS. We played a 4-way battle where one group had to escort a damaged ship against the other 2 players. We had Federation, Klingon, Andromedan, and Gorn (Me).

I love the way the game works, but I am not so good at playing it. I chose the Gorn as my race because I love reptiles. Sadly, their ships are slow and clunky compared to the rest. I've yet to come to grips on how to effectively use their main weapon, Plasma. You can either charge it up for a powerful seeking shot or release it in rapid, shotgun bursts. In the end, one of my ships ate a bunch of missiles and exploded.

The models for this game are not the best, as well. Annoyingly, I shaved off part of the details to my ships (pictured above) since I thought the odd bumps on the wings were mold lines. Wrong! They were my phasers! My paint job is also lame since one cannot even tell that I painted them. This issue seems to be a theme with my grey Space Sharks. Note to self: basecoat a color that is not similar to the model's material.

In closing, I want to test out some of the scenarios. The game is great because the rule book is concise, organized at an OCD level of clarity, and is only $12.

Link to the company website: Starfleet Games

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